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      Ensure a side vector's `object` and `VECTORSIDE` are consistent · 48700939
      Ansgar Burchardt authored
      A side vector belongs to one or two elements. One of them is stored as a
      representative in the vector's `object` member and the side of the
      `object` it belongs to is stored in `VECTORSIDE` as part of the control
      When restoring consistency in `ElementObjMkCons` this reverse link from
      the side vector to the element is restored, but the `VECTORSIDE` was
      not. This can lead to an inconsistent view for side vectors belonging to
      two elements:
      On the master, let the vector `v`'s representative element be `A` and
      the side of the element be `a`. Let `B` (`b`) be the other
      representative and assume `a ≠ b`. As the vector's control word is
      global data (`EL_GDATA`), the non-master side vectors will also have
      `VECTORSIDE` set to `a`.
      If now `ElementObjMkCons` is called first for `A` and then for `B`, then
      `v.object` will first be set to `A`, but then `B`. However `VECTORSIDE`
      is still `a`!
      This change makes sure that `VECTORSIDE` is also updated alongside the
      `object` pointer. Note that it is (still) not guaranteed that the same
      representative is chosen.
      Closes #12
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