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# Master (will become release 2.7)

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- A helper class `TransformedRangeView` was added representing a
  transformed version of a given range using an unary transformation
  function. The transformation is done on the fly leaving the wrapped
  range unchanged.

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- `dune-common` now provides an implementation of `std::variant` for all compilers
  that support C++14.  It is contained in the file `dune/common/std/variant.hh`,
  in the namespace `Dune::Std::`.  If your compiler does support C++17 the
  implementation in `dune-common` is automatically disabled, and the official
  implementation from the standard library is used instead.

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- There is now (finally!) a method `power` in the file `math.hh` that computes
  powers with an integer exponent, and is usable in compile-time expressions.
  The use of the old power methods in `power.hh` is henceforth discouraged.

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-   When run with an absolute build directory, `dunecontrol` now exposes the root build
    directory to CMake in the variable `DUNE_BUILD_DIRECTORY_ROOT_PATH`.

    See core/dune-common!542

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-   LaTeX documents can now be built using `latexmk` with the help of UseLatexmk.cmake's
    `add_latex_document`. `dune_add_latex_document` will use the new way of calling
    LaTeX when the first argument is `SOURCE`. As a side effect, in-source builds are
    supported, too. The old function call and UseLATEX.cmake are deprecated and will be
    removed after 2.7.

    See core/dune-common!594

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-   The build system has learned some new tricks when creating or looking for the Python virtualenv:
    When using an absolute build directory with `dunecontrol`, the virtualenv will now be placed
    directly inside the root of the build directory hierarchy in the directory `dune-python-env`.
    This should make it much easier to actually find the virtualenv and also avoids some corner
    cases where the build system would create multiple virtualenvs that did not know about each
    other. This behavior can be disabled by setting
    If you need even more precise control about the location of the virtualenv, you can now also
    directly set the CMake variable `DUNE_PYTHON_VIRTUALENV_PATH` to the directory in which to
    create the virtualenv.

-   The `dune_symlink_to_sources_files` cmake function now has a `DESTINATION` argument.

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- Support for older version than METIS 5.x and ParMETIS 4.x is deprecated and will be
  removed after Dune 2.7.

47 48 49
- The `inkscape_generate_png_from_svg` CMake function is deprecated and will be removed
  after 2.7.

50 51 52
- The `VectorSize` helper has been deprecated.  The `size()` method of
  vectors should be called directly instead.

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# Release 2.6

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**This release is dedicated to Elias Pipping (1986-2017).**

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- New class `IntegralRange<integral_type>` and free standing function
  `range` added, providing a feature similar to Python's `range` function:
    for (const auto &i : range(5,10))
  See core/dune-common!325

- `Dune::array` was deprecated, use `std::array` from <array> instead.
   Instead of `Dune::make_array`, use `Dune::Std::make_array`
   from dune/common/std/make_array.hh
   and instead of `Dune::fill_array` use `Dune::filledArray`
   from dune/common/filledarray.hh.`

    See core/dune-common!359

- The `DUNE_VERSION...` macros are deprecated use the new macros
  `DUNE_VERSION_LT` instead.

    See core/dune-common!329

- Added some additional fallback implementation to C++17 features:
  (e.g. `optional`, `conjunction`, `disjunction`)

- `makeVirtualFunction`:
  allows to easily convert any function object (e.g. lambda) to a `VirtualFunction`

    See core/dune-common!282

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- Added infrastructure for explicit vectorization *(experimental)*

    We added experimental support for SIMD data types. We currently
    provide infrastructure to use [Vc](
    and some helper functions to transparently switch between scalar data
    types and SIMD data types.

93 94 95 96
- `FieldMatrix` now has experimental support for SIMD types from
  [Vc]( as field types.

    See core/dune-common!121
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## build-system

- Variables passed via `dunecontrol`'s command `--configure-opts=..` are now
  added to the CMake flags.

- Bash-style variables which are passed to `dunecontrol`'s command `configure-opts`
  are no longer transformed to their equivalent CMake command. Pass
  `-DCMAKE_C_COMPILER=gcc` instead of `CC=gcc`.
106 107

- Added support for modules providing additional Python modules or bindings.