Commit cf5aed4d authored by Stephan Hilb's avatar Stephan Hilb

cmake: fix regex for hidden files

Previously hidden directories were also matched and stripped. This
resulted in the build failing if the build dir contained one hidden
directory (e.g. '/tmp/.abc/dune/...')
parent a7146452
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ macro(setup_headercheck)
#glob for headers
file(GLOB_RECURSE all_headers "*.hh")
# strip hidden files
string(REGEX REPLACE "[^;]*/\\.[^;]*\\.hh;?" "" headers "${all_headers}")
string(REGEX REPLACE "[^;]*/\\.[^;/]*\\.hh;?" "" headers "${all_headers}")
set_property(GLOBAL PROPERTY headercheck_list ${headers})
#define headercheck target
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