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[!438] added XXX_LIB_NAME to correctly find scotchmetis and ptscotchparmetis libraries

Merge branch 'issue/cmake_find_scotch_parmetis' into 'master'


### Summary

Added METIS_LIB_NAME and PARMETIS_LIB_NAME in find_library calls to correctly
find scotchmetis and ptscotchparmetis libraries.

### Motivation

Default METIS library name is metis and for ParMETIS parmetis. Some
implementations of the (Par)METIS interface provide libraries with different
names, e.g. scotchmetis and ptscotchparmetis. In order to find also these
libraries correctly the cmake variables METIS_LIB_NAME and PARMETIS_LIB_NAME
are introduced. This was already done correctly in FindMETIS.cmake but not in
FindParMETIS.cmake and thus, the (PT)Scotch(Par)METIS libraries were not found
correctly for the default installation of scotch. With this MR, also ParMETIS
from scotch can be found correctly, by using the changed library names.



See merge request [!438]

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