1. 29 Feb, 2016 1 commit
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      [cmake][bugfix] Make CMake Doxygen creation work for modules without Doxylocal · bb02f3f3
      Steffen Müthing authored
      When creating Doxygen documentation, CMake currently assumes that all
      modules have a Doxylocal file, which is in fact only present in
      dune-common right now. That file is then used as both a dependency and a
      file reading input, causing CMake errors.
      This patch fixes the problem by testing for the presence of Doxylocal
      and only including it in the build process if it was found.
  2. 27 Feb, 2016 6 commits
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  5. 15 Feb, 2016 11 commits
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      [CMake] It's -std=c++0x, of course · 0b825996
      Steffen Müthing authored
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      [CMake] Remove unused variable · 840eb992
      Steffen Müthing authored
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      [CMake] Add function to allow modules to require a minimum C++ standard · c5e82ed2
      Steffen Müthing authored
      This patch adds a new function dune_require_cxx_standard() that any Dune
      module can call to require support for at least a given C++
      standard. If the compiler doesn't meet the requirements, the function
      will report the required and the actually available standard versions
      and abort with a fatal error.
      Moreover, it knows about CXX_MAX_STANDARD and will tell the user if the
      value of that variable is below the requirements. This avoids desperate
      users that have a shiny beta of GCC 6 with C++17 support wondering why
      their own module using shiny C++17 concepts stubbornly fails to
      build... ;-)
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      [CMake] Rewrite C++ standard detection test · daa2e9f4
      Steffen Müthing authored
      This patch is a complete rewrite of the existing C++ standard version
      test that tries the various -std=c++xy flags and tries to figure out
      which version of the standard to enable.
      While my cleaned-up version of the old implementation generally works,
      it has a few problems:
      - it is not really extensible to newer standards (that will lead to the
        same kind of mess as before).
      - More importantly, there is no way to say: I want C++11, but not
        C++14 (or, in the future, I want C++14, but not C++17). Being able to
        do so is important for testing and compatibility reason.
      So this patch mostly starts from scratch: There is a list of supported
      C++ standards (currently 17,14,11) and corresponding lists of compiler
      tests and compiler flags to switch the compiler to the respective
      standards (there might be different values for the switch, e.g. some
      compilers accept -std=c++1y, but not -std=c++14, and recent versions of
      GCC reject -std=c++1x).
      The code then just iterates through these versions and flags until it
      finds one that works. If that flag / version combo also passes the
      compile test, the maximum supported standard version is recorded in the
      variable CXX_MAX_SUPPORTED_STANDARD and the test stops. If the test
      fails to find a working combination, it issues a warning to the user and
      only records support for C++03.
      The test can be influenced by two CMake variables:
      - DISABLE_CXX_VERSION_CHECK already existed in the old version of the
        test. It completely disables all testing and requires the user to
        manually set CXX_MAX_SUPPORTED_STANDARD to the correct
        value. Moreover, any required compiler command line switches have to
        be manually added to CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS.
      - CXX_MAX_STANDARD defines the maximum version of the standard that the
        build system will try to enable. With this new switch, it becomes
        possible to limit the compiler to an older version of the standard
        than what it could theoretically support. For now, this defaults to
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      [CMake] Clean up the C++ version flag detection and add final test that is always run · 79bd9732
      Steffen Müthing authored
      This patch cleans up the logic of the C++ version flag detection code,
      which had accumulated quite a bit of cruft over time.
      Moreover, it also adds a new test for basic C++11 compliance which is
      always run, even if DISABLE_CXX_VERSION_CHECK has been set. I think the
      original code was supposed to also error out in this case, but I didn't
      really do so.
      With this patch, DISABLE_CXX_VERSION_CHECK really only disables testing
      for the various -std=c++xy flags, but the build system will now always
      make sure that your compiler runs (at least) in C++11 mode.
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      [CMake] Don't change CMAKE_REQUIRED_FLAGS when permanently setting -std=... · 1856b715
      Steffen Müthing authored
      CMAKE_REQUIRED_FLAGS is explicitly designed for temporary flags used in
      CMake's various check_<something> macros, so don't store any test
      outcome in there.
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      [CMake] Don't pollute build-specific CXX_FLAGS with global compiler flags · 4f024207
      Steffen Müthing authored
      The C++ version flag check used to set the -std=... flag for both the
      basic CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS and the build-specific variants of it. That is
      unnecessary because CMAKE concatenates the base variable and the
      build-specific variant (if a build type has been set by the
      user). Having both is actually rather unhelpful, as any downstream
      changes will also have to be done to the complete set of variables.
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  6. 04 Feb, 2016 1 commit
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      [CMake] Get rid of deprecated check_cxx_accepts_flag() · 74696b67
      Steffen Müthing authored
      The CMake module TestCXXAcceptsFlag and the accompanying function
      check_cxx_accepts_flag() have been deprecated since CMake 3.0, the
      replacements are CheckCXXCompilerFlag and check_cxx_compiler_flag().
      Thanks to Dirk Ribbrock for reporting the problem via email.
  7. 22 Jan, 2016 1 commit
  8. 08 Dec, 2015 1 commit
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      [cmake] extract bottom block from config.h.cmake · c35b018a
      Tobias Malkmus authored
      For dune-grid a bottom section is needed to place the Grid Type magic at the bottom of the config.h
      file in derived modules.
      In this patch a /* begin bottom */ ... /* end bottom */ block from each module's config.h.cmake file is extracted and placed
      at the end of the collected config.h file.
      This resolves the problems from FS#1713.
  9. 26 Nov, 2015 1 commit
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