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[doc] Mention referenceElement.subEntity() in changelog

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# Master (will become release 2.7)
- The reference elements have a new method `subEntities`. The result of
`referenceELement.subEntities(i,codim, c)` is an iterable range
containing the indices of all codim-`c` subentities of the subentity
`(i,codim)`, e.g., the vertices of an edge. The range also provides
the methods `size()` and `contains()`.
- The methods `GeometryType(int)` and `GeometryType(unsigned int)` have been deprecated
and will be removed after the release of dune-geometry 2.7. Instead, please now use
`GeometryTypes::cube(dim)` to construct one- or two-dimensional `GeometryType` objects.
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