Commit 413c17d0 authored by Christoph Grüninger's avatar Christoph Grüninger

Small adjustments for Dune-ALUGrid.

parent 9c4691a9
......@@ -237,7 +237,7 @@ interfaces for, for instance Alberta, UG and ALUGrid.
\item Alberta -- \url{}
\item UG -- \url{}
\item ALUGrid -- \url{}
\item \Dune{}-ALUGrid -- \url{}
To use the parallel code of \Dune{}, you need an implementation of the
Message Passing Interface (MPI), for example MPICH or Open MPI. For the
......@@ -247,8 +247,7 @@ of the respective installations. The \texttt{dunecontrol} script
facilitates to pass options to the \texttt{configure} via a
configuration file. Such a configuration file might look like this:
CONFIGURE_FLAGS="--with-alugrid=/path/to/alugrid/ "\
"--with-alberta=/path/to/alberta "\
CONFIGURE_FLAGS="--with-alberta=/path/to/alberta "\
"--with-ug=/path/to/ug --enable-parallel"
......@@ -1322,12 +1321,13 @@ numberstyle=\tiny, numbersep=5pt]{../unitcube_albertagrid.hh}
The next listing shows the instantiation of \lstinline!ALUSimplexGrid!\ or
\lstinline!ALUCubeGrid!\ objects.
The next listing shows the instantiation of \lstinline!ALUGrid!\ for
simplices and cubes.
The ALUGrid implementation supports either simplicial grids, i.e.\
tetrahedral or triangular grids, and hexahedral grids and the
element type has to be chosen at compile-time. This is done by choosing
either \lstinline!ALUSimplexGrid! or \lstinline!ALUCubeGrid!.
either \lstinline!Dune::cube! or \lstinline!Dune::simplex! as the third
template argument for \lstinline!ALUGrid!.
The \lstinline!variant!\ parameter must be 1.
As in the default implementation, grid objects are set up with help of the
\lstinline!StructuredGridFactory!\ class.
......@@ -98,7 +98,7 @@ int main (int argc , char ** argv)
// ALUGRID supports parallelization in 3 dimensions only
// typedef Dune::ALUGrid< 3, 3, Dune::cube, Dune::nonconforming > GridType;
// typedef Dune::ALUGrid< 3, 3, Dune::simplex, Dune::nonconforming > GridType;
// UnitCube< GridType , 1 > uc2;
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