Commit 588c6c07 authored by Dominic Kempf's avatar Dominic Kempf

Mention range based for in the howto

We cannot yet rewrite our code examples with
range based for, because gcc 4.4 and 4.5 do not
support it. But we can at least hint the reade towards it.
parent 603daf9d
......@@ -474,6 +474,24 @@ like a pointer to an entity of dimension \lstinline!dim! and
codimension 0. The exact type would be
\lstinline!typename G::template Codim<0>::Entity! just to mention it.
Please note, that from Dune 2.4 on, C++11 range based for statements will
be used to iterate over entities of a grid. To enable this feature, you will
need \texttt{g++} version 4.6 or higher. There are no issues with the mentioned
version of \texttt{icc} or \texttt{clang}. The entire iteration loop,
will then boil down to
numberstyle=\tiny, numbersep=5pt]
for (auto&& e : elements(leafView))
// the iteration loop
There is no more need of getting the iterator type by hand. Note that you
should always write \lstinline!auto&&! !In contrast to the above procedure you don't
get an \lstinline!EntityPointer!, but a reference to the \lstinline!Entity!
An important part of an entity is its geometrical shape and position.
All geometrical information is factored out into a sub-object that can
be accessed via the \lstinline!geometry()! method. The geometry
......@@ -505,6 +523,10 @@ grid interface support these intermediate codimensions (though this
does not restrict the implementation of finite element methods with
degrees of freedom associated to, say, faces).
Again, above task, can be done with a range based for statement by
using the function \lstinline!vertices! instead of \lstinline!elements!
in the above code snippet.
Finally, we show in lines \ref{tc:level0}-\ref{tc:level1} how the
hierarchic structure of the mesh can be accessed. To that end a
\lstinline!LevelGridView! is used. It provides via an \lstinline!Iterator!
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