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Changed README to honor dunecontrol as well as the new licence.


Currently COPYING contains the GPL without the exception. The runtime
exception is just mentioned in the README. It is  not clear to me
whether it should be included into the COPYING file. In libstdc++ it
is not included there but in all source files.

Sven: please audit the licence again.

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For a full explanation of the DUNE installation process please read
the installation notes [0]. The following introduction is meant for
the impatient.
Getting started
Suppose you have downloaded all DUNE modules of interest to you and
extracted then in one common directory. See [1] for a list of
available modules.
To compile the modules Dune has to check several components of
your system and whether prerequisites within the modules are met. For
the ease of users we have designed a custom build system on top of the
automake tools. Run
./dune-common/bin/dunecontrol all
to commence those tests and build all modules you have
downloaded. Don't worry about messages telling you that libraries are
missing: they are only needed for grid-self-checks we need for
You can customize the build to your specific needs by using an options file
./dune-common/bin/dunecontrol --opts=/path_to/file.opts
An example of an options file is
# use a special compiler (g++ version 3.4) and install to a custom
# directory, default is /usr/local/bin
CONFIGURE_FLAGS="CXX=g++-3.4 --prefix='/tmp/Hu Hu'"
# Set the default target of make to install. Now the call above will
# not just build the DUNE modules but also install it
If you did not tell dunecontrol to install with an options file you
need to run
./dune-common/bin/dunecontrol make install
to install Dune (you may need root-permissions for the install
part depending on the prefix set)
A more comprehensive introduction to the build system can be found in [2].
The Dune-library and headers are licensed under version 2 of the GNU
General Public License, with the so-called "runtime exception," as
As a special exception, you may use the DUNE source files as part of a
free software library without restriction. Specifically, if other
files instantiate templates or use macros or inline functions
from one or more of the DUNE source file, or you compile one or
more of the DUNE source files and link them with other files to
produce an executable, this the DUNE source files used do not by
themselves cause the resulting executable to be covered by the GNU
General Public License. This exception does not however invalidate
any other reasons why the executable file might be covered by
the GNU General Public License.
This licence clones the one of the libstc++ library. For further
implications of this library please see their licence page [3]
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