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......@@ -1021,6 +1021,51 @@ UG-specific code as in
It is important that the file \lstinline!config.h! is the first
include file in your application!
\section{The DGF Parser -- reading common macro grid files}
Dune has it's own macro grid format, the \underline{D}une \underline{G}rid \underline{F}ormat.
A detailed description of the DGF and how to use it can be found on the
homepage of Dune under the documentation section (see
Here we only give a short introduction. To use the DGF parser the configuration
option \\
\lstinline!--with-grid-dim={1,2,3}! must be provided
during configuration run. Optional \\
\lstinline!ONEDGRID,SGRID,UGGRID!, and \lstinline!YASPGRID! can be chosen as grid types.
can be chosen. Note that both values will also be changeable later.
If the \lstinline!--with-grid-dim! option was not provided during configuration the
DFG grid type definition will not work. Nevertheless, the grid parser will work
but the grid type has to be defined by the user and the appropriate DGF parser
specialization has to be included.
Assuming the \lstinline!--with-grid-dim! was provided the DGF grid type
definition works by first including \lstinline!gridtype.hh!.
#include <dune/grid/io/file/dgfparser/gridtype.hh>
Depending on the pre-configured values of \lstinline!GRIDDIM! and
\lstinline!GRIDTYPE! a typedef for the grid to use will be provided by
including \lstinline!gridtype.hh!. The follwoing example show how an
instance of the defined grid is generated. Given a DGF file, for example
\lstinline!unitcube2.dgf!, a grid pointer is created as follows.
GridPtr<GridType> gridPtr( "unitcube2.dgf" );
The grid is accessed be dereferencing the grid pointer.
GridType& grid = *gridPtr;
To change the grid one simply has to re-compile the code using the following make command.
This will compile the application \texttt{integration} with grid type \lstinline!ALBERTAGRID! and grid dimension $2$.
Note that before the re-compilation works,
the corresponding object file has to be removed.
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