Commit d7157083 authored by Christoph Grüninger's avatar Christoph Grüninger

Remove unused typedefs ct.

parent 2c783a7b
......@@ -24,9 +24,6 @@ bool finitevolumeadapt (G& grid, M& mapper, V& c, int lmin, int lmax, int k)
const double refinetol = 0.05;
const double coarsentol = 0.001;
// type used for coordinates in the grid
typedef typename G::ctype ct;
// grid view types
typedef typename G::LeafGridView LeafGridView;
typedef typename G::LevelGridView LevelGridView;
......@@ -26,11 +26,10 @@ struct P1Layout
template<class G, class F>
void vertexdata (const G& grid, const F& f)
// get dimension and coordinate type from Grid
// get dimension from Grid
const int dim = G::dimension;
typedef typename G::ctype ct;
typedef typename G::LeafGridView GridView;
// dertermine type of LeafIterator for codimension = dimension
// determine type of LeafIterator for codimension = dimension
typedef typename GridView::template Codim<dim>::Iterator VertexLeafIterator;
// get grid view on the leaf part
......@@ -52,7 +51,6 @@ void vertexdata (const G& grid, const F& f)
// generate a VTK file
// Dune::LeafP1Function<G,double> cc(grid,c);
Dune::VTKWriter<typename G::LeafGridView> vtkwriter(grid.leafGridView());
vtkwriter.write( "vertexdata", Dune::VTK::appendedraw );
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