Commit ffd5c2ed authored by Dominic Kempf's avatar Dominic Kempf

Update the list of supported compilers

as decided in Berlin 2014.
parent 2f0a5d8e
......@@ -214,8 +214,10 @@ you have to explore new horizons.
In order to build the \Dune{} framework, you need a standards
compliant C++ compiler. We tested compiling with GNU \texttt{g++} in
version 4.4 or newer. Recent versions of Intel \texttt{icc}
($\geq 13$) and Clang ($\geq 3.2$) should work, too.
version 4.4 or newer and \texttt{clang} in version 3.4 or newer. Recent versions
of Intel \texttt{icc} ($\geq 15$) should work, too. For older versions of
\texttt{icc}, like $14.0.3$, several issues are known and usage of these
is discouraged.
Now extract the tarballs of \texttt{dune-common},
\texttt{dune-geometry}, \texttt{dune-istl}, \texttt{dune-grid},
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