Commit 25d938f8 authored by Christian Engwer's avatar Christian Engwer

fixed use of deprecated call of mark() method

creadits to Martin Drohmann

[[Imported from SVN: r241]]
parent 916c7d81
......@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@ void adaptiveintegration (Grid& grid, const Functor& f)
double lowresult=integrateentity(it,f,loworder);
double highresult=integrateentity(it,f,highorder);
double error = std::abs(lowresult-highresult);
if (error>kappa) grid.mark(1,it);
if (error>kappa) grid.mark(1,*it);
} /*@\label{aic:mark1}@*/
// adapt the mesh
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