Commit 38289b02 authored by Ansgar Burchardt's avatar Ansgar Burchardt

.gitlab-ci.yml: update environments

- Added:   Debian 10 with gcc in C++17 mode
- Removed: Debian 8 + Backports with clang

parent 6363b893
Pipeline #3225 passed with stage
in 17 minutes and 4 seconds
......@@ -6,6 +6,10 @@ before_script:
- duneci-install-module
- duneci-install-module
debian:10 gcc:c++17:
image: duneci/base:10
script: duneci-standard-test --opts=/duneci/opts.gcc.c++17
image: duneci/base:9
script: duneci-standard-test
......@@ -18,10 +22,6 @@ debian:8--gcc:
image: duneci/base:8
script: duneci-standard-test
image: duneci/base:8-backports
script: duneci-standard-test --opts=/duneci/opts.clang
image: duneci/base:16.04
script: duneci-standard-test
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