Commit 089545c7 authored by Robert K's avatar Robert K

Merge branch 'fix/dgftest-output-filename' into 'master'

[dgf][test] strip path from filename for vtk output

See merge request !275

(cherry picked from commit 4d59919f)

9ef95a5c [dgf][test] strip path from filename for vtk output
parent febb69d0
Pipeline #8117 passed with stage
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......@@ -53,7 +53,8 @@ void display ( const std::string &name,
vtkWriter.addCellData( elDat, "el. Parameters", nofElParams );
vtkWriter.addVertexData( vtxDat, "vtx. Parameters", nofVtxParams );
vtkWriter.write( name );
auto pos = name.find_last_of("\\/") + 1;
vtkWriter.write( name.substr(pos, name.size() - pos) );
template< class Grid >
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