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[doc] add removal of entity pointer to change log

This also documents the the dimensions are gone from entity iterator,
closing #59.
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# Release 2.6
- The deprecated `EntityPointer` has been removed completely and `EntityIterator`
no longer inherits from it.
As a consequence, the dimension `EntityIterator::dimension`,
`EntityIterator::codimension`, and `EntityIterator::mydimension` are gone.
- Experimental grid extensions are now always enabled:
See core/dune-grid!155
- The method `impl` and the type `Implementation` on the facade classes are
......@@ -21,7 +26,7 @@
See core/dune-grid!177
- the Layout is passed into the constructor and
returns the number of dofs to attach to the given geometry type
......@@ -60,4 +65,4 @@
intervals)` and `refinementLevels(int levels)` to construct parameters of
type `RefinementIntervals` in dune-geometry.
See core/dune-grid!193
\ No newline at end of file
See core/dune-grid!193
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