Commit 845928df authored by Andreas Dedner's avatar Andreas Dedner Committed by Markus Blatt

Merge branch 'feature/add-version-to-dune-uggrid-suggestion' into 'master'

Suggest a specific version for dune-uggrid.

Closes #72

See merge request !263

(cherry picked from commit a6e96315)

67dd12af Suggest a specific version for dune-uggrid.
parent 158e0534
Pipeline #6804 passed with stage
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......@@ -2,5 +2,5 @@ Module: dune-grid
Version: 2.6-git
Depends: dune-geometry (>= 2.6)
Suggests: dune-uggrid
Suggests: dune-uggrid (>=2.6)
Whitespace-Hook: Yes
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