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# Master (will become release 2.7)

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- `BDMatrix` objects now have the method `solve`, which implements that
  canonical way to solve block-diagonal linear systems.

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- Deprecated the preconditioner implementations `SeqILU0` and `SeqILUn`.
  Use `SeqILU` instead, which implements incomplete LU decomposition
  of any order.

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- The class `VariableBlockVector::CreateIterator` is a true STL output iterator now.
  This means that you can use STL algorithms like `std::fill` or `std::copy`
  to set the block sizes.

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- Support for SuiteSparse's CHOLMOD providing a sparse Cholesky

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- `MultiTypeBlockVector<Args...>` now inherits the constructors from its
  parent type (`std::tuple<Args...>`). This means you can now also construct
  `MultiTypeBlockVector`s from values or references of BlockVectors.

- `MultiTypeBlockVector::count()` is now `const`

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- All matrix and vector classes can now be instantiated with number types
  directly (A number type is any type for which `Dune::IsNumber<T>::value`
  is true).  For example, you can now use `BlockVector<double>` instead of
  the more cumbersome `BlockVector<FieldVector<double,1> >`.  Similarly, you can use
  `BCRSMatrix<double>` instead of `BCRSMatrix<FieldMatrix<double,1,1>>`.
  The old forms still work, and `FieldVector` and `FieldMatrix` types with
  a single entry can still be cast to their `field_type`.  Therefore, the
  change is completely backward-compatible.

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Timo Koch committed
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- Added a right-preconditioned flexible restarted GMRes solver

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- The UMFPack binding use the long int functions to compute larger systems.
  With the \*_dl_\* versions instead of the \*_di_\* versions UMFPACK will not
  have a memory limit of just 2 GiB.

38 39
- Deprecated support for SuperLU 4.x. It will be removed after Dune 2.7.

40 41 42
- The interface methods `dot()` and `norm()` of ScalarProduct are now `const`. You will
  have to adjust the method signatures in your own scalar product implementations.

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# Release 2.6

- `BDMatrix` objects can now be constructed and assigned from `std::initializer_list`.

- `BDMatrix` and `BTDMatrix` now implement the `setSize` method, which allows to
  resize existing matrix objects.

50 51 52
- The solver infrastructure was updated to support SIMD data types (see
  current changes in `dune-common`). This allows to solve multiple systems
  simultaniously using vectorization.