Commit 2942f245 authored by Markus Blatt's avatar Markus Blatt

Merge branch 'fix/anisotropic-unused-variable-warning' into 'master'

[Warnings] Fix set-but-unused variables in anisotropic.hh's setBoundary().

See merge request core/dune-istl!124
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......@@ -147,24 +147,10 @@ void setBoundary(V& lhs, V& rhs, const G& n, Dune::ParallelIndexSet<G,L,s>& indi
template<class V, class G>
void setBoundary(V& lhs, V& rhs, const G& N)
typedef typename V::block_type Block;
typedef typename Block::value_type T;
for(int j=0; j < N; ++j)
for(int i=0; i < N; i++)
if(i==0 || j ==0 || i==N-1 || j==N-1) {
T h = 1.0 / ((double) (N-1));
T x, y;
x = ((T) i)*h;
y = 1;
y = ((T) j)*h;
lhs[j*N+i]=rhs[j*N+i]=0; //x*y;
if(i==0 || j ==0 || i==N-1 || j==N-1)
template<class M, class G, class L, class C, int s>
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