Commit 49cb15b8 authored by Steffen Müthing's avatar Steffen Müthing

[!22] Let builds override build flags as planned

Merge branch 'bug/let-users-override-build-flags' into 'master'

Builds are supposed to be able to put additional files into
/duneci/cmake-flags to override or extend the build configuration. This
currently fails because the directory is only writable by root. Fix that
problem by changing its owner to duneci.

See merge request [!22]

parents 7d45925d 252a6bdb
COPY toolchains /duneci/toolchains
COPY cmake-flags /duneci/cmake-flags
COPY dune.opts /duneci/
RUN chown duneci /duneci/cmake-flags
USER duneci
WORKDIR /duneci
RUN mkdir -p /duneci/bin /duneci/modules
COPY duneci-install-module duneci-standard-test dune-ctest duneci-init-job /duneci/bin/
COPY toolchains /duneci/toolchains
COPY cmake-flags /duneci/cmake-flags
COPY dune.opts /duneci/
ENV DUNE_CONTROL_PATH=.:/duneci/modules
ENV PATH=/duneci/bin:$PATH
RUN ln -s dune-ctest /duneci/bin/duneci-ctest
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