Commit 75348838 authored by Steffen Müthing's avatar Steffen Müthing

Reorder image build sequence to make chown work

chown has to run as user root.
parent 93584c89
USER duneci
WORKDIR /duneci
RUN mkdir -p /duneci/bin /duneci/modules
COPY duneci-install-module duneci-standard-test dune-ctest duneci-init-job /duneci/bin/
COPY toolchains /duneci/toolchains
COPY cmake-flags /duneci/cmake-flags
COPY dune.opts /duneci/
RUN chown duneci /duneci/cmake-flags
USER duneci
WORKDIR /duneci
RUN mkdir -p /duneci/bin /duneci/modules
ENV DUNE_CONTROL_PATH=.:/duneci/modules
ENV PATH=/duneci/bin:$PATH
RUN ln -s dune-ctest /duneci/bin/duneci-ctest && chown duneci /duneci/cmake-flags
RUN ln -s dune-ctest /duneci/bin/duneci-ctest
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