1. 15 Feb, 2018 2 commits
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      [MEEGDriver] add statistics method · 844f5cc3
      Andreas Nüßing authored
      We add a new method to the MEEGDriver interface, namely `statistics`.
      The exact semantics of the method depends on the implementation, but
      it should write out statistics about the driver to the datatree.
      For the fitted driver, this currently means the volume and surface area
      of the different discrete compartments.
      For the unfitted driver, the semantics is similar as it writes out the
      volume and surface area of the different domains.
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      [VolumeConductor] use always indirect mapping · c97477a5
      Andreas Nüßing authored
      In order to prepare for providing statistics about the volume conductor,
      we remove the direct mapping to be able to access element labels.
      Most of the meshes (but some legacy files) provide labeled elements and
      we thus have a direct access to these labels.
      For the legacy formats, this leads to a slight increase in time consumption
      when accessing the tensor of an element, but compared to other tasks, this
      should be negligible.
      Besides being able to access the labels, this also gets rid of the type
      erasure in the volume conductor, leading to way more readable code.
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  6. 28 Nov, 2017 1 commit
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      [DipoleStatistics] add infrastructure · 3d8ea458
      Andreas Nüßing authored
      We add infrastructure to determine different statistics about a dipole. In
      a first step, this is only the conductivity of the element the dipole is
      in. A first implementation is provided for fitted meshes. This includes
      tetrahedral, standard hexahedral and geometry adapted hexahedral meshes.
      The configurartion for creating an object of this statistic is a subset
      of the one for creating a MEEGDriver.
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