Commit b7d4a3ad authored by Andreas Nüßing's avatar Andreas Nüßing

[UDG] add hexahedralization

We add a function to create a voxel segmentation from a UDG discretization.
Each element of the fundamental mesh is assigned the label of the domain
with the maximal volume.
parent 2163484a
#include <dune/grid/common/scsgmapper.hh>
#include <dune/udg/simpletpmctriangulation.hh>
#include <duneuro/common/structured_grid_utilities.hh>
#include <duneuro/meeg/udg_meeg_driver_data.hh>
#include <duneuro/udg/simpletpmc_domain.hh>
namespace duneuro
template <class GV>
std::vector<std::size_t> hexahedralize(const GV& fundamentalGridView, const GV& levelSetGridView,
UDGMEEGDriverData<GV::dimension> data,
const Dune::ParameterTree& config)
SimpleTPMCDomain<GV, GV> domain(levelSetGridView, data.levelSetData, config.sub("domain"));
Dune::UDG::SimpleTpmcTriangulation<GV, GV> subTriangulation(
fundamentalGridView, levelSetGridView, domain.getDomainConfiguration(),
config.get<bool>("udg.force_refinement", false));
Dune::SingleCodimSingleGeomTypeMapper<GV, 0> mapper(fundamentalGridView);
std::vector<std::size_t> result(mapper.size());
for (const auto& element : Dune::elements(fundamentalGridView)) {
std::size_t label = 0;
double volume = -std::numeric_limits<double>::max();
for (std::size_t i = 0; i < domain.getDomainConfiguration().size(); ++i) {
if (subTriangulation.cutCellInformation().cutCellsExist(element, i)) {
double current = subTriangulation.cutCellInformation().information(element, i).volume;
if (current > volume) {
volume = current;
label = i + 1;
result[mapper.index(element)] = label;
return result;
template <int dim>
std::vector<std::size_t> hexahedralize(UDGMEEGDriverData<dim> data,
const Dune::ParameterTree& config)
auto grid = make_structured_grid<dim>(config.sub("volume_conductor.grid"));
return hexahedralize(grid->levelGridView(0), grid->levelGridView(grid->maxLevel()), data,
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