Commit d006dc1f authored by Andreas Nüßing's avatar Andreas Nüßing

[TransferMatrixUser] fix sparse solving block size

For unfitted methods, the blocksize was obtainend from the root space
which, in general, has blocksize 1 instead of the correct block size of
the leaf spaces. We change the way the blocksize is obtained by querying
the block vector directly.
parent 0cc99943
......@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@ namespace duneuro
SVC rhs;
const auto blockSize = S::Traits::FunctionSpace::GFS::Traits::Backend::blockSize;
const auto blockSize = Traits::DenseRHSVector::block_type::dimension;
std::vector<typename Traits::DomainField> output;
if (blockSize == 1) {
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