Commit 960f524c authored by Andreas Dedner's avatar Andreas Dedner

still some issues with installing dune-alugrid and the

bisection-compatibility directory - removed programs for now
parent 90d9e3e7
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set(EXTRA_PROGRAMS test-compatibility estimate-closure )
set(compatibilitydir ${CMAKE_INSTALL_INCLUDEDIR}/utils/bisection-compatibility)
set(compatibility_HEADERS bisectioncompatibility.hh)
dune_target_enable_all_packages( test-compatibility estimate-closure )
# set(EXTRA_PROGRAMS test-compatibility estimate-closure )
# add_executable(test-compatibility EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL)
# add_executable(estimate-closure EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL)
# dune_target_enable_all_packages( test-compatibility estimate-closure )
# include not needed for CMake
# include $(top_srcdir)/am/global-rules
install(FILES ${compatibility_HEADERS} DESTINATION ${compatibilitydir})
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