Commit 575e0690 authored by Dominic Kempf's avatar Dominic Kempf

[cmake] Do not install jupyter into the virtualenv

If you need this you can still do it manually, but there is absolutely
no reason to have it unconditionally.
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# Install some additional packages into the virtualenv.
# Install in version 7.7 is to avoid a bug in
# IPythons dependency pickleshare.
dune_execute_process(COMMAND ${DUNE_PYTHON_VIRTUALENV_EXECUTABLE} -m pip install tornado>=4.0 ipython>=4.0.0 jupyter>=1.0.0
ERROR_MESSAGE "Error installing jupyter in virtualenv")
# Install all the external packages that we have as submodules
dune_python_install_package(PATH pytools)
dune_python_install_package(PATH cgen)
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