Commit 4baee24b authored by Carsten Gräser's avatar Carsten Gräser

Merge branch 'feature/transformedindex-basis-custom-dim' into 'master'

Add support for customizing basis dimension in TransformedIndexPreBasis

See merge request staging/dune-functions!265
parents 50f7323c a210428f
......@@ -153,7 +153,7 @@ public:
//! Get the total dimension of the space spanned by this basis
size_type dimension() const
return rawPreBasis_.dimension();
return transformation_.dimension(rawPreBasis_);
//! Get the maximal number of DOFs associated to node for any element
......@@ -342,6 +342,12 @@ public:
return sizeImplementation_(prefix, preBasis);
template<class PreBasis>
auto dimension(const PreBasis& preBasis) const
return preBasis.dimension();
IndexTransformation indexTransformation_;
SizeImplementation sizeImplementation_;
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