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    • Christian Engwer's avatar
      [!211] first attempt to organize the news entries according to categories · 26778e73
      Christian Engwer authored
      Merge branch 'feature/new-news-layout' into 'master'
      ref:infrastructure/dune-website So far on the main page, news entries are put
      into separate lists according to the content key: 'corerelease', 'event',
      'release', 'publication', 'application'.
      One box contains all news entries tagged with 'corerelease'. Entries are shown
      in full (e.g. new release and bug fix release).
      In contrast to previously only the title of the other news items are shown on
      the main page - with a link to the full text. There is a box for 'event' (e.g.
      user meeting, school), for 'release' (release of other modules e.g.
      dune-python, dune-functions), and for 'publications'.
      All news entries are available when scrolling down (not only a few as was
      previously the case).
      Finally there is a further box showing news with the tag 'application'. These
      should also contain a parameter 'image' pointing to an image which will be
      shown next to a short text in an automatic switching gallery.
      -   \[ \] link news entries to anchor
      -   \[x\] add overview pages per news-tag
      -   \[x\] add "more" links to events and publications
      -   \[ \] restructure publications
      -   \[ \] perhaps add doi and preprint tag for publications to combine to a
          separate 'list of publications' page
      -   \[ \] add button to enlarge to full-screen carousel
      (fixes [#56], fixes [#28])
      See merge request [!211]
        [#56]: gitlab.dune-project.org/NoneNone/issues/56
        [#28]: gitlab.dune-project.org/NoneNone/issues/28
        [!211]: gitlab.dune-project.org/infrastructure/dune-website/merge_requests/211
      Closes #56 and #28
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    • Carsten Gräser's avatar
      [bugfix] Disable spuriously shown sub-title · 6f9a52be
      Carsten Gräser authored
      The current layout intends to completely hide the subtitle
      by letting the main title take up the whole vertical space
      of the header. However, at small screen width, the upper half
      of the sub-title spuriously shows up.
      Now it's no longer hidden by spacing but explicitly.
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