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date = "2016-11-22"
title = "Dune 2.5.0rc1 Released"
The first release candidate for the upcoming 2.5 release is now available.
You can [download the tarballs](/releases/2.5.0rc1), checkout the `v2.5.0rc1`
tag via Git, or get prebuilt packages from Debian experimental. Please go
and test, and report any problems that you encounter.
Included in the release candidate are the [core modules][] (dune-common,
dune-geometry, dune-grid, dune-istl, dune-localfunctions) and several
modules from the [staging area][] (dune-functions, dune-typetree,
Please refer to the [recent changes] page for an overview of what has
changed in the new release.
[core modules]:
[staging area]:
[recent changes]: /dev/recent-changes
date = "2016-11-22T13:28:00+01:00"
version = "2.5.0rc1"
major_version = "2"
minor_version = "5"
patch_version = "0"
modules = ["dune-common", "dune-istl", "dune-geometry", "dune-grid", "dune-localfunctions", "dune-functions", "dune-typetree", "dune-uggrid"]
signed = 1
title = "Dune 2.5.0rc1"
parent = "releases"
weight = -1
# DUNE 2.5 - Release Notes
Please refer to the [recent changes](/dev/recent-changes) for now.
# Known Bugs
* The [dune-grid-howto module]( is missing.
It will be included in the next release candidate.
Please refer to the [recent changes](/dev/recent-changes#known-bugs) for other known bugs.
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