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[gallery] Two more examples donated by Jonathan Youett

* Heterogeneous hip model
* Large deformation contact
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title = "Heterogenous hip model"
content = "carousel"
image = ["/img/example-hip.png"]
Heterogenous hip model with multiple coupled 3d and 1d grids.
ECMath project [A-CH1](
*Reduced basis methods in orthopedic hip surgery planning*
(Simulation by Jonathan Youett)
title = "Large deformation contact"
content = "carousel"
image = ["/img/example-large-deformation-torus.png"]
Large deformation contact problem.
J. Youett, O. Sander, R. Kornhuber.
A globally convergent filter-trust-region method for large deformation contact problems.
SIAM J. Sci. Comp., accepted 2018
(Simulation by Jonathan Youett)
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