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[!222] update to releases/2.6

Merge branch 'master' into 'master'

See merge request [!222]

  [!222]: Noneinfrastructure/dune-website/merge_requests/222
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......@@ -28,16 +28,16 @@ short = "dune-composites is a [Dune PDELab](/modules/dune-pdelab) module which
# You can use this feature to generate documentation for several branches.
# Specify the url, where to build the doxygen documentation
doxygen_url = ["/doxygen/dune-composites/release-2.5"]
doxygen_url = ["/doxygen/dune-composites/release-2.5", "/doxygen/dune-composites/release-2.6", "/doxygen/dune-composites/master"]
# Specify the branch from which to build, omit to build from master
doxygen_branch = ["releases/2.5"]
doxygen_branch = ["releases/2.5","releases/2.6","master"]
# Specify to build a a joint documentation from the following list of modules,
# omit, to build a doxygen documentation only for this module. This list will
# be used for all documentations, no list of lists necessary...
#doxygen_modules = []
# Please specify the name of the doxygen documentation, that will be shown on the main page.
doxygen_name = ["dune-composites"]
doxygen_version = ["2.5.1"]
doxygen_name = ["dune-composites","dune-composites","dune-composites"]
doxygen_version = ["2.5.1", "2.6", "unstable"]
dune-composites is an open-source software framework designed to support the development of high-performance
......@@ -66,6 +66,7 @@ models.
Class documentation for the module can be found at:
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