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NEWS: DUNE 2.5: release branches set up, please test

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date = "2016-10-24"
title = "DUNE 2.5: release branches set up, please test"
The release branches for the upcoming DUNE 2.5 release have been set
up last week (named `releases/2.5`). Please test it!
Note that changes in `master` will not be automatically picked up by
us. If there are issues or merge requests that you would like to see
addressed in 2.5 please,
- for issues: make sure the issue is assigned to the
["DUNE 2.5.0" milestone][DUNE250]
- for merge requests: make sure the merge request is against the
`releases/2.5` branch, assigned to the "DUNE 2.5.0" milestone and
the CI tests pass.
For merge requests already accepted into master, GitLab provides a
convenient "Cherry-pick" button to create a new merge request against
Note that non-critical issues will not block the release. Please make
sure a merge request is provided in time or it might have to wait for
2.5.1 or 2.6.0. As a short reminder, the first release candidate is
planned for November, 7th, that is in two weeks.
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