Commit cb7e3bd8 authored by Jö Fahlke's avatar Jö Fahlke

Fix lowered submenu indicators.

Apparently, floating content in a `white-space: nowrap` parent will end up on
a line after any previous content in the same parent in firefox 60, but not
firefox 63.  Fix this by putting the floating content first; it occupies no
space in its parent anyway, so any other content should be unaffected.

Tested on firefox 60, 63, and chromium 70
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......@@ -11,8 +11,8 @@
<a href="javascript:;" class="">
{{ .Pre }}
<!--<i class="icon_desktop"></i>-->
<span>{{ .Name }}</span>
<span class="menu-arrow fa {{if $currentNode.HasMenuCurrent "main" . }}fa-angle-down{{else}}fa-angle-right{{end}}"></span>
<span>{{ .Name }}</span>
<ul class="sub{{if $currentNode.HasMenuCurrent "main" . }} open{{end}}">
<!-- If this is the Stable Releases menu, we apply some magic to filter a relevant subset of releases for the menu -->
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