Commit 7439409d authored by Steffen Müthing's avatar Steffen Müthing

[!32] Fix typo in clang 7 PDELab images

Merge branch 'fix/pdelab-clang-7-images' into 'master'

ref:docker/ci The clang 7 PDELab images were mistakenly still based on the
clang 6 base images, causing them to receive no updates. Shame on me\...

See merge request [docker/ci!32]

parents 2ffb63fc ac97a53d
......@@ -400,7 +400,7 @@ dune-pdelab:2.6-debian-10-clang-7-libcpp-17:
<<: *module-variables
MODULE: pdelab
VERSION: "2.6"
BASE_IMAGE: "dune-pdelab-deps:2.6-debian-10-clang-6-libcpp-17"
BASE_IMAGE: "dune-pdelab-deps:2.6-debian-10-clang-7-libcpp-17"
<<: *module-image
......@@ -425,7 +425,7 @@ dune-pdelab:git-debian-10-clang-7-libcpp-17:
<<: *module-variables
MODULE: pdelab
VERSION: "git"
BASE_IMAGE: "dune-pdelab-deps:git-debian-10-clang-6-libcpp-17"
BASE_IMAGE: "dune-pdelab-deps:git-debian-10-clang-7-libcpp-17"
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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