Commit c738e5e1 authored by Steffen Müthing's avatar Steffen Müthing
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Silence OpenMPI warning about InfiniBand

OpenMPI detects the InfiniBand kernel device on the nodes in Heidelberg and
immediately wants to use - but Docker won't let it, so it dumps a really verbose
warning to stderr. As we really don't need InfiniBand support in our tests, just
shut up the warning.
parent db9ffdc3
......@@ -82,6 +82,10 @@ fi
export OMPI_MCA_rmaps_base_oversubscribe=1
export OMPI_MCA_mpi_yield_when_idle=1
# Shut up OpenMPI warning about not being able to use the InfiniBand
# interface on the Heidelberg nodes, it's not needed anyway
export OMPI_MCA_btl_base_warn_component_unused=0
set -x
${DUNECONTROL} --current "${@}" vcsetup
${DUNECONTROL} --current "${@}" configure
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