Commit a500b8f9 authored by Ole Klein's avatar Ole Klein

[!5] [bugfix] Use correct MPI type

Merge branch 'bugfix/address-sanitizer' into 'master'

ref:oklein/dune-randomfield This was revealed by the address sanitizer when
debugging an unrelated issue.

See merge request [!5]

parents 26f64969 05662133
......@@ -279,9 +279,9 @@ namespace Dune {
int small, negative, smallNegative;
RF smallest;
MPI_Allreduce(&mySmall, &small, 1,MPI_DOUBLE,MPI_SUM,(*traits).comm);
MPI_Allreduce(&myNegative, &negative, 1,MPI_DOUBLE,MPI_SUM,(*traits).comm);
MPI_Allreduce(&mySmall, &small, 1,MPI_INT,MPI_SUM,(*traits).comm);
MPI_Allreduce(&myNegative, &negative, 1,MPI_INT,MPI_SUM,(*traits).comm);
MPI_Allreduce(&mySmallest, &smallest, 1,MPI_DOUBLE,MPI_MIN,(*traits).comm);
if ((*traits).verbose && rank == 0)
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