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[!423] Add array constructors to power typetrees

Merge branch 'add-array-constructors-to-power-typetrees' into 'master'


### What does this MR do?

With this change, now it is possible to construct power grid function spaces
and power grid functions with different underlying data. This is something
that was possible with the available constructors but not really suitable for
a templetized power tree since the number of arguments had to be hard coded.

### Is there something that needs to be double checked?

I don't think so

### Can this MR be accepted?

-   [x] Implemented
-   [x] Added test
    -   only for PowerGridFunctionSpace
    -   PowerGridFunction is simple enough to rely on TypeTree tests
-   [x] Pipeline passing
-   [ ] Added entry to

### Related issues


See merge request [!423]

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