1. 07 Jul, 2020 3 commits
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      [!505] Feature/cleanup newton · b7d5dc31
      René Heß authored
      Merge branch 'feature/cleanup-newton' into 'master'
      ref:pdelab/dune-pdelab\> This MR fixes a couple of issues in the new Newton
      -   we add backwards compatible parameter names when working with a
      -   we fix a violation of the one-definition-rule in
      -   we add a backwards compatible handling of hackbuschReuskenAcceptBest
      This MR fixes [#165], [#164], [#163]
      These changes should make the transition for users significantly simpler.
      See merge request [!505]
        [#165]: gitlab.dune-project.org/NoneNone/issues/165
        [#164]: gitlab.dune-project.org/NoneNone/issues/164
        [#163]: gitlab.dune-project.org/NoneNone/issues/163
        [!505]: gitlab.dune-project.org/pdelab/dune-pdelab/merge_requests/505
      Closes #163, #164, and #165
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      [!504] [cmake] Remove code related to the CMake headercheck · 7d41ccd3
      René Heß authored
      Merge branch 'feature/remove-headercheck' into 'master'
      ref:pdelab/dune-pdelab\> The cmake based headercheck was always broken and to
      my knowledge we never used it in PDELab. I would like to have CMakeLists.txt
      files as clean as possible and therefore removed all the special trickery for
      this headercheck.
      This fixes [#161]
      See merge request [!504]
        [#161]: gitlab.dune-project.org/NoneNone/issues/161
        [!504]: gitlab.dune-project.org/pdelab/dune-pdelab/merge_requests/504
      Closes #161
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      [!511] Update recipe-integrating-grid-functions.cc · 58f362fc
      René Heß authored
      Merge branch 'fix-integration-recipe-callable' into 'master'
      ref:pdelab/dune-pdelab\> Accidentally used local coordinates here, global ones
      were intended
      See merge request [!511]
        [!511]: gitlab.dune-project.org/pdelab/dune-pdelab/merge_requests/511
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  3. 18 Jun, 2020 3 commits
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      [!478] Add localoperator wrapper · e8a053ad
      René Heß authored
      Merge branch 'feature/lop-wrapper' into 'master'
      ref:pdelab/dune-pdelab\> This merge request adds several local operator
      wrappers that take a local operator and assemble (or apply) only parts of the
      Jacobian, eg the block diagonal or the block off-diagonals.
      They will later be used to test the implementation of matrix-free solvers and
      preconditioners. For this specific task it is more efficient to use special
      local operators that were written to only assemble the needed parts instead of
      using these wrappers, but they make testing and prototyping much easier.
      fixes [#143]
      See merge request [!478]
        [#143]: gitlab.dune-project.org/NoneNone/issues/143
        [!478]: gitlab.dune-project.org/pdelab/dune-pdelab/merge_requests/478
      Closes #143
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