1. 17 Jan, 2018 2 commits
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  5. 14 Dec, 2017 3 commits
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    • Martin Nolte's avatar
      [cmake][python] use `pip --upgrade` on install · a127f6d0
      Martin Nolte authored
      This patch will always upgrade the Python package upon `make install`.
      Previously, the Python package was only installed, if the package had not
      been installed before. This violates the principle of least surprise as we
      intuitively except `make install` to overwrite all files during the install
  11. 01 Dec, 2017 9 commits
  12. 30 Nov, 2017 4 commits
    • Jö Fahlke's avatar
      Merge branch 'fix-send-for-variable-size-communicator-master' into 'master' · 407bb7c9
      Jö Fahlke authored
      Do not assume that the complete message fits into tht buffer when sending in VariableSizeCommunicator
      Closes #105
      See merge request core/dune-common!416
    • Markus Blatt's avatar
      Use decrement operator · 91bb93d2
      Markus Blatt authored
    • Jö Fahlke's avatar
      [whitespace-hook] Check only those files we really intent to check. · 2c3024bc
      Jö Fahlke authored
      - For the files that should only occur in the toplevel directory, make sure to
        only match them in the toplevel directory.  This allows having them in an
        imported header only library in some subdirectory.
        + For files such as `.cc` or `.hh` that are matched by extension, there is
          no sane generic way to not check them when they are imported from
          somewhere else, so you'll still have to do something special, sorry.
      - For files that are matched by name, make sure that name matches the full
        basename of the file, not just a suffix.
      - Pass the regular expressions to perl in a safe way so they can contain
        arbitrary character without arcane quoting.  This mostly applies to the path
        separator '/'.
    • Markus Blatt's avatar
      Do not assume that a message cannot be split into multiple messages when sending. · b644237b
      Markus Blatt authored
      If the buffer is small the we need to issue multiple sends and receive.
      Unfortunately, the logic when sending was broken before this commit. It
      simply always assumed that the buffer was larger than the complete message
      to be send.
  13. 29 Nov, 2017 9 commits