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# Dune-functions changes
Any version of dune-functions is supposed to be compatible with the
correponding version of the Dune core modules.
corresponding version of the Dune core modules.
## Master (will become release 2.7)
## Master (will become release 2.8)
## Release 2.7
- The `LagrangeBasis` is extended by a template parameter to set the range type of
the underlying LocalBasis. This parameter is also added to the basis factory.
# Dune module information file
Module: dune-functions
Version: 2.7-git
Version: 2.7.0
Depends: dune-localfunctions (>= 2.7) dune-grid (>= 2.7) dune-istl (>= 2.7) dune-typetree (>= 2.7)
Whitespace-Hook: Yes
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