Commit 2b546d63 authored by Jakub Both's avatar Jakub Both

Redundant commit. Add comment what goes wrong with interpolation for HDiv functions.

parent cef87196
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......@@ -151,6 +151,7 @@ public:
auto&& vectorBlock = vector_[multiIndex];
FlatVectorBackend<CoefficientBlock>::getEntry(vectorBlock, j) = interpolationCoefficients[i];
// TODO For Hdiv functions: Divide here by the measure of the edge/face the coefficient corresponds to. This allows interpolation only to be used on lower dimensional objects which is in fact consistent with dune-localfunctions for Raviart Thomas and BDM elements. Ideally, this should be done externally. However, dune-localfunctions intentionally does not know anything about physical elements and cannot access edge lengths etc.
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