Commit 65ab7f89 authored by Carsten Gräser's avatar Carsten Gräser

Break long lines (in a uniform way)

* Break some more long lines to avoid overfull hboxes in the manual
* Unify line breaks according to the following pattern
  * If a line is broken continue with 8 spaces indentation
  * If a line is broken multiple times and all continued
    lines are semantically on the same 'level' keep 8 spaces
  * If a line is broken multiple times and a continued
    line is semantically on a deeper 'level' add 2 spaces per level
  * If a function call/signature is broken, prefer to place all
    arguments in continued lines; if it's broken in multiple lines
    place each argument in its own line

IMHO the above rules make broken lines easier to read in contrast
to manual case by case fiddling to align continued lines with previous
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