Commit cef87196 authored by Jakub Both's avatar Jakub Both

Add Poisson test case solved by mixed FEM.

2D: RT0 x P0, RT1 x P1, BDM1 x P0, BDM2 x P1
3D: RT0 x P0, RT1 x P1 (for coarse mesh)

Not working:
2D: RT1 x P1 (for fine mesh, iterative solver does not converge, ill-conditioned)
2D: RT2 x P2 (iterative solver does not converge)
3D: BDM1 x P0 (no interpolation provided by dune-localfunctions)
parent 7885fc0a
......@@ -6,3 +6,6 @@ target_link_dune_default_libraries("poisson-pq2")
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