1. 26 Jun, 2018 11 commits
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      Merge branch 'feature/manual-use-flexible-path' into 'master' · 3e35cf26
      Carsten Gräser authored
      [doc][manual] Use flexible include path path
      See merge request !169
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      [doc][manual] Use flexible include path path · 2f4dede1
      Carsten Gräser authored
      While there's an option for the include path for the listings
      package, './' is not considered as in alternative as in \graphicspath.
      Furthermore there's no such option for \attachfile.
      Hence we simply check if the files exist in ./ first. Otherwise
      we use ../../examples/.
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      Merge branch 'feature/avoid-overfull-hboxes' into 'master' · 145cac18
      Carsten Gräser authored
      Feature/avoid overfull hboxes
      See merge request !168
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      [doc][manual] Properly treat to wide tables/figure · 4f543f5f
      Carsten Gräser authored
      I have the impression that we cannot squeeze the to
      an appropriate width. As a workaround we now place them
      into an explicit \makebox[\textwidth][c]{...} which has
      two effects: On the one hand we pretend that the tex-box
      is not to wide avoiding the latex warning. On the otherhand
      the content is properly centered overlapping on both sides,
      while a center-environment does not work here an makes the
      content overflow to the right only.
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      Break long lines (in a uniform way) · 65ab7f89
      Carsten Gräser authored
      * Break some more long lines to avoid overfull hboxes in the manual
      * Unify line breaks according to the following pattern
        * If a line is broken continue with 8 spaces indentation
        * If a line is broken multiple times and all continued
          lines are semantically on the same 'level' keep 8 spaces
        * If a line is broken multiple times and a continued
          line is semantically on a deeper 'level' add 2 spaces per level
        * If a function call/signature is broken, prefer to place all
          arguments in continued lines; if it's broken in multiple lines
          place each argument in its own line
      IMHO the above rules make broken lines easier to read in contrast
      to manual case by case fiddling to align continued lines with previous