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      Cleanup makeBasis() mechanism · 29094a6b
      Carsten Gräser authored
      * Rename `*NodeFactorsBuilder` to `*PreBasisFactory`
      * Rename `*FactoryTag` to `*PreBasisFactory`
      * Rename `build()` to `makePreBasis()`
      * Make `makePreBasis()` `const`
      * Make implementation of `BasisBuilder::composite()` more readable.
      * Fix `BasisBuilder::composite()` and `BasisBuilder::power()`.
        Both did not store the `ChildPreBasisFactory` objects
        but recreated them using default-construction during
        `build()`. This prevented stateful `ChildPreBasisFactory`
        implementations. Now the passed `ChildPreBasisFactory`
        objects are now stored and used during `makePreBasis()`
        such that stateful `PreBasisFactories` should work.
      * Hide internal members of `PreBasisFactories`
      * Use return type deduction for all `PreBasisFactory`
        creation helpers. This makes the code much more readable
        and also hides the concrete `Imp::*` return type
        from the use.
      * Add utility `applyPartial()` which is like `std::apply`
        but allows to select the tuple entries to be used as arguments
      This is what you need to do to update your code:
      * If you only use the `makeBasis()` mechanism this will
        work as before.
      * If you explicitly constructed the `*Builder` classes in your code,
        you must follow the renaming.
      * If you explicitly used the `build()` methods, you have to
        change this to `makePreBasis()`
      * If you implemented your own `FactoryTag`/`NodeFactoryBuilder`/`PreBasisFactory`
        to hook into the `makeBasis()` mechanism, then you have to
        rename `build()` to `makePreBasis()`.
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      Rename NodeFactory to PreBasis · d8aea12c
      Carsten Gräser authored
      We discussed the renaming on the last meeting. Reasons for renaming:
      * NodeFactory does not fit because it creates more than just nodes
      * The FactoryTag/FactoryBuilder classes are really factories that create
        a NodeFactory, but we would not like to se NodeFactoryFactory
      * Pre-Basis is more understnadable: It's almost a basis.
      I renamed all occurences in dune-functions. If you implemented
      your own node-factory, you only need to take care that the concept
      name was changed from NodeFactory to PreBasis. The actual naming
      of your class is am implementation detail. However, for consistency
      you may want to adapt this also.
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