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      bring snippet up to date in README.md · fd2967c0
      Andreas Dedner authored
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      some minor fixes: · 4daf41e2
      Andreas Dedner authored
      avoid some uint warnings and corrected shebang in rmgenerated script
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      [!110] Extend support for polygonal grids · 37760596
      Andreas Dedner authored
      Merge branch 'feature/support-polygongrid' into 'master'
      True polygonal grids, like dune-polygongrid, will return none as geometry type
      for their elements. These elements do not have an associated reference element
      and some assumptions usually made in Dune are no longer valid. For example,
      elements of geometry type none may have different vertex counts. This
      assumption, however, was made in some places in dune-python. This MR removes
      some of these spots.
      See merge request [!110]
        [!110]: gitlab.dune-project.org/staging/dune-python/merge_requests/110
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      [bugfix] Do not rely on `operator[]` on a `JacobianInverseTransposed` · e4f51e62
      Martin Nolte authored
      Some grid implementations, like dune-spgrid, will not return a dense
      matrix for the `JacobianInverseTransposed`. While we could simply cast it
      into a `FieldMatrix`, this might reduce performance due to unnecessary
      dense matrix vector multiplications.
      This patch uses the `mv` method, which must be provided by any
      `JacobianInverseTransposed` instead. Apart from retaining the
      performance of the specialized implementation, this improves the overall
      clarity of the code.
      As a drawback, the local and global gradient vectors are copied for the
      time being. This unnessary copy can be avoided by a specialized
      `DenseVector` implementation for a single axis in a pybind11::array
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      [bugfix] fix memory fault upon module unloading in Python 3.6 · 7741cf39
      Martin Nolte authored
      In Python 3.6 we observe memory faults at program termination. These
      result from the static variables caching the Python object wrapping the
      type registry: Upon termination, the type registry seems to be destroyed
      even if references to it remain.
      Unfortunately, it is not clear whether this is a problem within
      Pybind11. Patching to the latest bugfix release did not help. For now,
      we implement the simplest way around the problem: Do not cache the type
      registry, but refetch the pointer each time the type registry is used.
      While this has a negative impact on performance, it should be negligible
      to subsequent CMake calls.
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      extend dictionary support for grid construction · 1a6c0e39
      Martin Nolte authored
      This patch adds two types of entries to the dictionary used for
      constructing grids:
      - "triangles", "tetrahedra", "prisms", ...
        Similar to "simplices" and "cubes", this allows to pass elements as
        list of tuple or NumPy array of vertex numbers.
      - "elements":
        "Allow passing a list of tuples (GeometryType, IntArray), where the
        array contains the vertex numbers. This variant also works for
        GeometryType `none`, where the length of the array might not be
        constant, e.g., general polygons.
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