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[!130] Feature/switch dep check and set cxx flags

Merge branch 'feature/switchDepCheckAndSetCXXFlags' into 'master'

ref:staging/dune-python Four new functions added to dune.generator to disable
dependency checking during make (i.e. unconditionally make the target) and to
change the cxx flags - mostly useful together, i.e., to recompile one module
in debug mode. Can be used directly in a scipt by calling for example

`dune.generator.setFlags("-g") dune.generator.setNoDependencyCheck()`

and then

`dune.generator.unsetFlags() # to get the flag used during configu dune.generator.setDependencyCheck()`

before/after a module is compile, e.g., calling dune.grid.yaspGrid(\...)

These can be simplified by using




See merge request [!130]

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