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update the 2.7 changelog entry

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......@@ -24,6 +24,12 @@ TypeTree 2.7
to be compatible with `DynamicTreePath`.
- A `HybridTreePath` can now be constructed using the
global `treePath()` function which is an alias for `hybridTreePath()`.
- `HybridTreePath` now supports all static operations of the old
`TreePath`. The `TreePath<i,...>` is thus only an alias to
`HybridTreePath<integral_constant<i>,...> and is deprecated (i.e. will
be removed after TypeTree 2.7)
- A convenience alias `StaticTreePath` is introduced, which shuld be
used instead of the `TypeTree`, if the path is known to be static.
- The type alias template `Child<>` now fails to instantiate if the child cannot be extracted.
This is much more useful than the previous behavior of just defaulting to `void` in case of
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