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[!72] Cleanup child and childStorage

Merge branch 'feature/remove_child_storage' into 'master'


### Summary

Cleanup the child(),childStorage() node member functions and corresponding
free functions and removed type aliases ChildStorage and ConstChildStorage
from node implementations

### Details

-   The child-storage is in all node implementations a shared_ptr of the child
    type. This is even implicitly assumed in several methods, like setChild().
    So it does not make much sense to allow flexible child storage types.
-   The child-extraction methods `childStorage(node, i...)` are not
    consistently implemented like `child(node, i...)` and several type aliases
    or free functions are missing, so this MR cleans this up.
-   The member functions node.childStorage(i) were not implemented correctly
    in all node implementations. But they cannot be removed right now because
    they are used in the tree transformation methods.
-   The node.childStorage(i) now consistently take an integral-constant or a
    runtime index as first argument. This allows for more generic

### To Do

-   [x] Check compatibility with dune-pdelab
-   [x] Check compatibility with dune-functions

See merge request [!72]

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