Commit befa6065 authored by Steffen Müthing's avatar Steffen Müthing

Merge branch 'feature/decltype' into 'master'

[cleanup] remove fallback implementation of decltype

Now that we require a C++11-compliant compiler, we can remove the
fallback implementation DUNE_DECLTYPE and replace it with decltype.

Note that with this change, you will also need to update PDELab to at
least 8c3e2598150d801 (master) / 485b0e3cb5897c604607 (releases/2.4)
to avoid compilation failures.

See merge request !3
parents c2c914c6 d9f24b09
......@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@ namespace Dune {
struct LookupNodeTransformation
typedef DUNE_DECLTYPE(registerNodeTransformation(declptr<S>(),declptr<T>(),declptr<Tag>())) lookup_type;
typedef decltype(registerNodeTransformation(declptr<S>(),declptr<T>(),declptr<Tag>())) lookup_type;
typedef typename evaluate_if_meta_function<
......@@ -105,22 +105,6 @@ namespace Dune {
typedef void type;
#ifndef DOXYGEN
// Make sure we have decltype or a compatible fall back
#define DUNE_DECLTYPE decltype
#define DUNE_DECLTYPE __typeof__
#error The TypeTree library requires support for
#error C++11 decltype or a compatible fallback in your compiler.
#error Neither of those was found, aborting!!!!
#endif // DOXYGEN
//! Helper function for generating a pointer to a value of type T in an unevaluated operand setting.
template<typename T>
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